When God created the heavens and the earth He took special pains to bless that part of Planet Eden that we call Texas with great forests, beautiful mountain ranges, vast prairies, countless rivers, springs, and estuaries.

Texas was wild and wonderful. Bison roamed the prairies, great flocks of ducks and geese darkened the skies, clear-flowing rivers were teeming with fish. Thousands of bears roamed millions of acres of virgin forests where pines and oaks grew to be over 1,000 years old and over six feet in diameter.

Texas was wild and wonderful for millions upon millions of years until the 1830’s when Texas was invaded by wave after wave of humans whose focus has been on the exploitation and plundering of Texas and her God-given assets.

Nearly every acre of her virgin forests have been decimated. Hundreds of square miles of what were once beautiful forests teeming with wildlife are now sterile ‘toilet paper’ plantations. Her rivers and streams are polluted with cancer causing chemicals. Many of her magnificent birds and animals are already extinct and others are in grave danger.

Greed and the worship of money are destroying what little is left of the natural heritage given to us by God. It is becoming more and more difficult to KEEP TEXAS WILD for most of her original wildness has been plowed under, paved over, fragmented with sprawl, or poisoned.

Texans have an obligation to God to care for Creation and to stop the wholesale destruction of the very life support systems that keep us alive and well. Only by changing our moral, ethical, and spiritual character to honor God by protecting and preserving that which He has so generously loaned us can we KEEP TEXAS WILD.



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