Humans have been killing children for tens of thousands of years. Some forms of child murder have been institutionalized and even made a part of so-called “Holy Scripture”. (visit for examples)

The murder of the children of Andrea Yates in 2001 is not at all unusual. When extreme fundamentalists brain-wash their adherents into believing that God actually wants the death of any child that happens to even so much as talk back to it’s parent then murder will occur and occur again and again as being the so-called ‘Will of God’.

Our culture and civilization are actively killing our children in many other ways. For example we subsidize the tobacco industry that uses every trick to hook children on the killer drug, nicotine.

We torture our children by forcing them to spend much of their lives in windowless warehouses and then we wonder why they develop mental health problems and commit suicide. Their blood is on our hands!!!

Obese parents are killing their children by stuffing them with junk food and making them not only obese like themselves but causing the pre-mature deaths of their own children.

We allow our children to expose their skin to killer rays of the sun and those of tanning beds and at the same time we destroy the ozone layer that would protect our children from cancer.

The captains of many dirty industries are responsible for the deaths of thousands of children each year from the cancerous chemicals they are duping people into buying for no legitimate reason. They push for more waste of fossil fuels and the resulting air pollution kills thousands of children each year. They destroy and poison our water supply that kills even more innocent children, sometimes even their own.

We lie, lie, lie when we say that we truly care about children as a society, when at the same time we sell our souls to Satan for the dirty money earned far too often, from actions and activities that KILL THE CHILDREN we hypocritically proclaim to love and care for.


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