Let us hope and pray that the day will soon come in which THE LAST RODEO will be performed.

Rodeos are a cruel remnant of our more primitive past. Rodeos are the cause of much abuse and suffering of God’s animal children. They hark back to the cruel sports of the Roman Circuses, dog fights, bull-baiting, cock fights, bull fights and other institutionalized forms of cruelty toward animals for the sick amusement of human spectators.

Why do we teach our children that it is fun to cause so much fear and pain to befall any animal? Why do we teach them that violence in any form is good? 

We should be teaching our children to love, respect, nurture and protect God’s animal children.

Ethicians must work toward the day when we can look back and remember THE LAST RODEO, which can then become just another footnote in history.


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