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With the Bushites rabidly promoting new and more terrible nuclear weapons of mass destruction, our planet is facing the gravest threat to the survival of the human species in the history of the world.

One has to ask why our nation's leaders are so anxious to endanger all life forms on earth with their promotion of war in the Middle East and a renewed promotion of nuclear weapons.

The answer is very simple and very frightening. Several key political leaders are obviously followers of doomsday cult leaders who have brainwashed them into believing that Jesus will only return if there is a nuclear holocaust in the Middle East.

It was one thing for Jim Jones (911 dead), David Koresh (80 dead), and Heaven's Gate (39 dead), cult leaders to directly or indirectly lead to the deaths of just over a thousand human souls, which indeed was tragic; but what about the Armageddon Cult leaders who are promoting an apocalypse that could kill hundreds of millions, if not billions of the earth's human inhabitants?

One has only to turn on the television and flip the dial a minute or two to find rabid, red-faced, Bible thumping war mongers, such as Jack Van Impe, screaming for the Book of Revelation to come true. Some of these dangerous cult leaders have tens of thousands of followers, who go out and vote en-mass for the most radical and apocalyptic politicians running for public office. The more laid back Pat Robertson is a more quiet promoter of mindless war.

Perhaps the most dangerous cult of all is the "Left Behind Cult" whose leader, John Hagee, preaches to a crowd of over 10,000 followers at his headquarters in San Antonio, Texas, and to millions of followers in his television audience.

Through a series of motion pictures, books, and charismatic diatribes, Hagee and his cult have convinced millions of Americans that after the coming nuclear holocaust in the Middle East, Jesus will come back and pluck his cult followers up to heaven and leave the rest of us behind.

When mindless followers honestly believe that God wants the mass destruction of the earth to take place, then it is no wonder that they actively promote the Rapture or second coming of Jesus by promoting war, chaos, destruction, and invasions of other nations, in an effort to speed the process up, and help God fulfill the Bible's prophesy and God's alleged promise.

Since they have been led to believe that they are the chosen, and are automatically saved to live for eternity at the right hand of Jesus, then they have nothing to lose by promoting what their cult leaders say must happen for their dreams of eternal life to come true. It is patently obvious that some of our most powerful political leaders are either cult followers themselves or are using the voting strength and political power of the cult to promote the dangerous agenda of the administration. Either way, we have never been in greater danger as a nation and as a species.

When you go to bed this evening, try to imagine America's nuclear arsenal in the hands of a Jim Jones or some brainwashed follower of the "Left Behind Cult" -- a frightening, but all too possible reality, considering the distorted religio-political philosophy of the Bible thumping Bushites.

George H. Russell
American Patriot

George H. Russell, an outspoken opponent of the death penalty, is a resident of Huntsville, Texas, known worldwide as “The City of Death.”

He is founder of The Patriot Network, and author of its 35+ web-sites located at www.patriotnetwork.org, as well as founder of The Universal Ethician Church, an interfaith ministry with a worldwide following via the church’s 275+ web sites located at www.salvationnetwork.org.

Russell, born in 1945, is an educational video producer, environmental activist, historic preservation specialist, photographer, art and antique collector, philanthropist, American patriot and ethician.

Additional biographical information may be found in "Who’s Who in America," through Internet searches, and in other publications. Images of Mr. Russell suitable for downloading for publication may be found at www.salvationnetwork.org.

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