Satan loves bigots, homophobic people, the intolerent, and the self-righteous.

God likes diversity and He created diversity both of animals, plants, land forms, clouds and His human children.

God created sex, and God created orgasm, and God created love, and God created caring.

Some of His human children were created in such a way that their spirits were tuned to desire to make love to members of their same sex, others were created by God to desire sexual union with members of both sexes, even if most were created to desire sexual unions with members of the opposite sex.

If God created the person in the special way which He so desired, then their natural sexual affinities were ordained by God and thus are moral if they are also in accordance with the "Golden Rule of the New Millennium".


ETHICIANS come in all colors, sizes, shapes, cultures, languages, and spritual/sexual orientations. They are all the children of God and worthy of love and respect so long as they love one another and love and respect each element of God's great gift of Creation.


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