“Life is Creation, not a commodity.” Thus spoke President George W. Bush on April 10, 2002. What a powerfully hypocritical statement coming from an administration that seems hell-bent on destroying Creation.

The great works of Creation that constitute the myriad life-forms in our National Forests have never before been so threatened by clear-cutting and other forms of turning our national heritage into commodities such as toilet paper and burger boxes.

The raising of our nation’s farm animals has changed from pastoral scenes of sheep and cattle peacefully grazing on verdant pastures, chickens gobbling up insects in the barnyard, and pigs joyfully splashing in the mud, to horrible torture and death chambers where millions of the creatures of Creation are treated as commodities rather than living beings.

Millions of acres of glorious Creation, once teeming with billions of wildflowers, butterflies, bison, song birds, and ancient groves of towering trees have been and continue to be destroyed for strip malls, junk-food palaces, and grid-locked concrete wastelands.

The inhumanity created by the administration’s promotion of super-max prisons and the killing of innocent humans along with the guilty, by the imposition of an out-of-control death penalty, turns hundreds of thousands of our citizen’s lives into commodities that serve as fodder to enrich and expand the prison-industrial complex.

How can it be that our President believes that a few unfeeling, unthinking cells in a petri dish are more sacred than a great whale, a giant redwood, a flock of snow geese or a little child whose life might be saved by research using those same cells?

If our President were truly dedicated to protecting and defending Creation, he would be diligently working to save Planet Eden’s surviving rain forests. He would stop the plunder of our National Forests. He would work toward the reduction of wasteful energy consumption rather than toward the exploitation of our National Wildlife Refuges. He would show honest compassion for human life by working to bring peace to our planet rather than stirring the cauldron’s of war.

Please pray for our President. (www.prayforbush.org) Please pray that he develops compassion for all Creation. (www.armiesofcompassion.org) Let us pray that our President learns to celebrate Creation. (www.celebratecreation.org) May God bless our President. (www.godblessourpresident.org)


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