Back in the days of old when men were the sole protectors of women and children, it was necessary that they be able to wrestle a huge serpent, fight off an assassin from an enemy tribe, fell a giant tree with only a stone axe, and provide his family with food obtained by hunting wild beasts with primitive spears.

Being macho in those days had survival value.

Today, being macho has just the opposite value to society and civilization. Too many men think that it is manly to blow a little animal's head off with a .357 magnum, or pick a fight in a bar, or drive a huge one-ton truck which gets five miles per gallon for no reason but to be the biggest and "baddest" on the highway.

MACHO MADNESS is responsible for many wars, hate crimes, environmental destruction, abusive behavior, and lack of respect for God and Creation.

REAL MEN love beauty, take joy in watching birds and butterflies, read story books to little children, write poetry, and work for peace and the protection of all of God's Creation.

It is time to retire from the vestiges of our "cave man" days and learn to enjoy being human and humane rather than macho.

Women can certainly help create a safer, saner, and more peaceful world, by letting men know that their female ancestors may have been impressed with King Kong looks and King Kong behavior, but they are not.

To prevent the ultimate extinction of the human species, macho madness must become extinct.
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