When we think of mass killers we think of Hitler, or Attila the Hun, Pol Pot, or other figure in history who were responsible for the deaths of millions of innocent people.

Their mass killings amount to almost nothing compared to the pernicious evil of today’s mass killers who are fiendishly working toward the destruction of not only billions of God’s human children but millions of the glorious life forms of Creation with which we have been blessed.

Just who are the mass killers of today? Following is a list of some of the mass killers who are endangering our lives and the lives of those of future generations:

1. Political whores who have sold their souls to evil corporations which are sucking the last breath from Planet Eden.

2. Corporate leaders who direct their corporate empires in genocide, the production and sale of cancer causing agents, the burning of God’s rain forests, and the poisoning of Planet Eden.

3. Religious extremists and zealots who torture, mame, and kill in the name of God.

Millions of babies have been aborted or died horrible deaths because of birth defects caused by mutagenic chemicals, millions of people have starved to death because the forests which gave them life were clear-cut and the top soil washed away, creating deserts. Millions have died because of the promotion of nicotine addiction, and millions have died in evil ‘holy wars’.

What kind of example do we set for the world and how do we honor God, when we reward today’s mass killers with huge salaries, important appointments, kudos from Presidents, tax benefits and idolation because of their wealth or power, while in the Death Camps of America such as Huntsville, Texas, we kill the young, the retarded, the reformed and sometimes even the innocent for having taken only one life.

The mass killers of today must be brought to justice. They must repent and make amends on their own or stand trial before an international tribunal, and they and their corporations, churches or governments must repair the damage to the planet which they have caused and make restitution for their evil ways.


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