Gridlock, road-rage, stress, colitis, depression, fatigue, misery, loneliness, divorce, child abuse, addictions, and other negatives confront us with each waking day.

How do we overcome the negatives and rise above the chaos and confusion which is life in modern America?

The MEDITATION MINUTE is the key to regaining one's sanity, one's health, one's happiness, and one's sense of being a positive asset on Planet eden.

If upon awakening, at noon, at the end of the work day and before sleeping you will take just one minute to take a deep breath and ask God to bring peace into your life, you will sense the spirit of God begin to enter your mind and your soul.

During this minute ask God to help bring peace to our world, to our lives, to all of God's creatures. A healing warmth will be felt as the healing spirit of GOD OF THE UNIVERSE revitalizes each and every atom and molecule which constitutes your persona.

Any time you feel that the stresses of modern life are defeating you, take a minute to commune with God and you will be blessed.


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