Just who are the ‘Merchants of Death’ you may ask? They come in many forms and guises. Some are the object of well-deserved contempt, such as Adolf Hitler and various terrorist organizations. Other, sometimes even more destructive ‘Merchants of Death’ are considered heroes, and are honored by twisted reasoning in our culture.

Following are some of the ‘Merchants of Death’ who live in our finest neighborhoods, are invited to all the right parties, eat in the most expensive restaurants, drive the most luxurious cars, and sit at the right hand of the elected officials who are their protectors.

In each case, preface the ‘merchant’ type with THE CORPORATE EXECUTIVES, BOARD, AND MAJOR STOCK HOLDERS OF……:

1. The huge international junk food industry that entices children to become addicted to foods which will not only make them prematurely obese but eventually lead them early graves.

2. The tobacco industry that entices children to become addicted to the terrible drug, nicotine, which will cause hundreds of thousands of them to die horrible and premature deaths from lung cancer and other diseases.

3. The clear-cutting industry that is destroying the last vestiges of our planet’s original forests which causes land-slides, erosion, flooding, extinction of species, and desertification. Millions of children have been negatively impacted by clear-cutting and thousands have died.

4. The chemical pesticide industry that entices people into believing that the only good insect is a dead insect thus not only killing our song birds but exposing children to dangerous cancer-causing chemicals which have destroyed the lives of thousands of children and adults.

5. The arms manufacturers and dealers who sell weapons to whoever can pay their price regardless of the future use of the weapons. These ‘Merchants of Death’ have sold weapons of great destruction to dictatorships and terrorist groups around the world and as a result thousands of innocent people have died.

6. The drug dealers, both legal and illegal who make their fortunes hooking innocent people on both street drugs and prescription drugs. It doesn’t matter if people become addicted to legal or illegal drugs because both are promoted to them. Just because a huge pharmaceutical company has a license to sell drugs does not mean that they are oftentimes also ‘Merchants of Death’.

There are many, many more ‘Merchants of Death’ running loose and participating in the premature deaths of thousands of innocent civilians. Please e-mail your thoughts on others who are not only legally promoting unnecessary deaths but are held in high esteem because of their wealth and power.

Please help keep America strong and free by exposing the evils of the “MERCHANTS OF DEATH” so that they will be held in contempt for their destructive actions rather than glorified.

This patriotic message is brought to you by George H. Russell

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