The concept of infinity is perhaps the greatest mystery of all. When I was a child I would gaze into the heavens and try to contemplate infinity. I could feel the spirit of God in all Creation and knew that the Universe was infinitely old, infinitely large, yet infinitely young and infinitely small.

Lying on my stomach with my face only inches from the earth I would watch tiny insects move about and imagine their micro-worlds and the amazing complexity of even the tiniest parts of God’s Creation.

I imagined that whole worlds and micro-universes might exist beyond the abilities of our human eyes to see. I imagined that our earth might be no more than a speck in the eye of God.

When I was older, scientists spoke of the ‘big bang’ but I knew that in an infinite universe, with an infinite past and an infinite future there had to have been an infinite number of big bangs as our known universe expanded and contracted as a breath of God amongst an infinite number of universes in a never ending story of infinite Creation.

By the same token, as scientists spoke of smaller and smaller bits of matter I instinctively knew that there is likewise infinite smallness for all things in God’s Universe are infinite.

Even our planet’s Nano-worlds and Micro-worlds are infinitely complex. If all the scientists on our Earth spent their entire lives attempting to know everything about even one cubic meter of God’s Creation in a tropical rainforest on Planet Eden, they would never arrive at totally understanding even 1% of the complexity of God’s Creation on that cubic meter.

Respect for God’s Nano-worlds and God’s Micro-worlds is essential to the survival of Planet Eden and thus essential to the survival of the human species. When we foolishly destroy billions of micro-organisms representing millions of species we are destroying the very life-support systems which sustain all life on our planet.

We must all remember the warning found in Revelation 11:18 for “those who destroy the Earth shall also be destroyed.”

Nano-worlds and Micro-worlds with all of their infinite complexity are an essential part of Creation and are thus worthy of protection and preservation for this and all generations to come.


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