Take heed, for the Earth is doomed unless we radically alter our destructive ways! The Third Millennium will bring forth pestilence, disease, famine, floods, war, chaos, starvation, to a degree never before seen in the history of the world.

Millions of children will die cruel, lingering deaths in Africa, Asia, and South America. Thousands of species of Creation will be extirpated from the Earth. We will squander and plunder the resources given to us by God to line the pockets of the money worshippers.

All grief, and anguish, and pain and suffering will be man-made. It is we who are upsetting the balance of Creation by our blind and foolish ways. God is not causing the icecaps to melt in order to flood coastal cities. God is not destroying our forests in order to wash away our top- soil, and cause killer floods. God is not causing people to allow their populations to outstrip their resources, causing mass poverty and starvation.

The millions of people murdered by Hitler and his henchmen are nothing compared to the billions of people who will suffer and die because of corporate greed. Those who govern the countries of the world and the unethical mega-corporations shall be looked upon as the mass murderers of the Third Millennium-for their actions and inactions will cause millions to die horrible deaths.

God cannot save us from ourselves. God will not save us from ourselves. Only we can repent and turn from the path of collective murder-suicide.

We must return to the worship of God by respecting Creation. Only if we protect the Earth and all the creatures thereupon can we save ourselves from ultimate destruction.

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