“New Traditions” is a mission of The Universal Ethician Church. We believe that, in order to not only please God, but also to help insure our own survival as a species on the remnants of Planet Eden we must discard numerous of our old destructive traditions and replace them with NEW TRADITIONS.

Here is a list of some of our most egregious OLD TRADITIONS which we must discard:

1. The OLD TRADITION of waging war must be replaced with a NEW TRADITION of waging peace.
2. The OLD TRADITION of clear cutting our native forests must be replaced with a NEW TRADITION of managing our native forests ecosystems by recognizing and respecting the importance of protecting each forest species and preserving our remaining old growth for the enjoyment of future generations.
3. The OLD TRADITION of fragmenting our natural environment, destroying the beauty of America, and exposing our citizens to harmful EMF radiation with thousands of miles of above ground power lines must by replaced with a NEW TRADITION of placing all power lines underground.
4. The OLD TRADITION of building windowless schools that are harming the health and learning abilities of our children must be replaced with a NEW TRADITION of never building schools without windows that can let in natural light and fresh air.
5. The OLD TRADITION of allowing the purchase of junk food with food stamps must be replaced with a NEW TRADITION of only allowing food stamps to be used for the purchase of wholesome and nutritious commodities.
6. The OLD TRADITION of forcing people to suffer horrible agonies on their last days on Earth by keeping them alive until their estates have been bankrupted must be replaced by a NEW TRADITION of allowing those who wish to depart to the “Promised Land” to do so in a pain free and dignified way.
7. The OLD TRADITION of locking people up who suffer from substance abuse health problems must be replaced with a NEW TRADITION of offering them hope through social services and the decriminalization of substance abuse.
8. The OLD TRADITION of fragmenting and destroying the beauty and sustainability of America through the promotion of cancerous sprawl must be replaced with a NEW TRADITION of zero sprawl through the revitalization of that which we have already turned into slums and blight.
9. The OLD TRADITION of wasting millions of gallons of fossil fuels due to waiting in line at drive in windows must be replaced with a NEW TRADITION of parking the car and walking into the establishment.

There are many other OLD TRADITIONS that we must replace with NEW TRADITIONS if America is going to survive as proud, beautiful and free into the next millennium.

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