All of the animals of our planet owe their existence to the God ordained stewardship of Noah. Even as humans had sinned to the degree that God wished to begin anew and wipe the human species from Earth, save and except the family of his chosen Stewards, Noah and family, He wished that His Creation as manifested in all animal species be saved.

Therefore the great abundance of animal species on Planet Eden is the legacy of Noah and his great work in the name of God. We humans, the descendants of Noah are tasked with the awesome responsibility of seeing to it that every species in God's Creation be protected and cared for.

Never before have humans been so uncaring for Creation. Planet Eden is being plundered as never before. The homes of God and Noah's animals are being destroyed. Thousands of species are faced with imminent extinction. This is a violation of the trust God placed us all; to continue the stewardship of Noah.

Our churches are filled with millions of God's children who sing praises to Him on Sunday and the other six days of the week go into God's world to plunder and destroy for the love of money.

When we destroy the Earth and the animals of the Earth we are destroying God's trust in us and making God very sad. His spirit resides in all His Creation and thus we are obligated to honor Him by recognizing His great gift of life to not only us but to all creatures both great and small.

Please help us to save our God-given Earth from human destruction. Please help us purchase remnants of Eden to serve as Wilderness Cathedrals as refuges for Noah's animals as well as refuges for people who, like Jesus, need the solitude of wilderness in which to pray and give thanks to God.

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