Please join with us to pray for our President, George W. Bush. Please pray that the spirit of God enters his heart and soul and directs him toward helping establish a world of harmony and peace.

Please pray that the spirit of God moves our President to work toward the following:

1. To protect and preserve our planet as loaned to us by God so that all generations may enjoy the beauties and bounty of Creation.

2. To bring love, peace, and understanding to all peoples of all nations.

3. To keep America strong and beautiful by protecting and preserving our forests, our wetlands, our wildlife, our fertile soils, and our prairies.

4. To insure that all children have access to fresh air and natural light in our nation’s schools rather than being warehoused in windowless classrooms.

5. To make sure that all children have access to wholesome and nutritious fruits, whole grains, nuts and other health giving and preserving foods.

The job of being President of The United States of America can be very lonely. Many forces of evil will attempt to mislead and misdirect our President. President Bush is a child of God and as such God loves him and wants him to help build a better world for a better tomorrow for all peoples as well as for all creatures great and small.

Pray for our President, that his heart does not become hardened and that he reaches out to even our adversaries in a spirit of love and peace as would his spiritual leader Jesus Christ.


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