God created the Earth as a great wilderness known as Eden. All manner of His great Creation provided all that was needed for the first humans.

The greatest sin has been our human neglect and destruction of this wonderful legacy. Today only scattered remnants of God's great handiwork remain untrammeled by human greed.

We must protect our last vestiges of Eden as our obligation to God, for His Spirit resides therein. Remember! It was into the wilderness that Jesus went to find peace and solitude and to pray. It is in wilderness where all of God's children may find that same peace and solitude and where they may refresh their souls through meditation and prayer.

Wherever remnants of Eden may still exist we must make every effort to see to it that they are saved for all generations.

If you are blessed with the stewardship of a remnant of Eden please dedicate it to God's glory as a Wilderness Cathedral. If you can, please help us to establish Wilderness Cathedrals around the world. No gift is too small. Even the widow's mite multiplied a million fold will bless the Lord by helping us to protect His marvelous handiwork.

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