The human spirit has been resilient from the beginning of time. We have overcome grief, heartache, depression, loneliness, pain and suffering throughout the ages. The trials and tribulations of life however, take a toll on our spirits. Without renewal our spirits eventually, like batteries, become rundown and de-charged.

Where can we find renewal of our spiritual batteries? We should follow the example of Jesus and seek renewal of our spirits in the great works of Creation. We must remove ourselves from the chaos of urban life and go into the wilderness where we can meditate upon a passing cloud, watch an eagle soar majestically above the waters, listen to the song of a bird at it sings praises to God, or watch the antics of baby animals as they play together.

If nature is corrupted and destroyed by greed and ignorance then we will no longer be able to escape from the pressures of our techno-age to recharge our spiritual batteries.
God created Planet Eden as a perpetual home for humans and all other species. Never did he intend that money worshippers would defile the peace and beauty of nature.

We must invite those who are destroying our planetary home to go into the wilderness with us and experience the peace and joy which comes from being in the presence of the spirit of God in His Creation. We must pray that they repent and change their ways so that future generations of God's children may have the right to renew their spirits, as did Jesus, while surrounded by the wonders of God's great works.

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