SATAN SMILES every time he witnesses hypocrisy.

SATAN SMILES when he sees people who proclaim that they love animals, abuse God’s creatures in rodeos, circuses, and factory farms.

SATAN SMILES when he sees the misery of little children forced to spend their days riding in school buses and then locked away in windowless warehouses called schools.

SATAN SMILES when he sees Bible thumping Christians cheer outside the prison walls in THE CITY OF DEATH, (Huntsville, Texas) each time a prisoner is executed.

SATAN SMILES when he witnesses the destruction of God’s forests and the subsequent deaths of millions of God’s animal children.

SATAN SMILES when he sees an international pesticide manufacturing company dump millions of tons of cancer causing chemicals on millions of acres, poisoning the water, the soil, the atmosphere, and killing people with cancer.

SATAN SMILES when he sees long lines of pollution belching automobiles and SUV’s filled with obese children and their equally obese parents lined up at the drive-in windows of junk-food palaces.

SATAN SMILES when he sees thousands of pathetic old people suffering a slow tortuous death while being artificially kept alive in countless ‘rest homes’ and ‘intensive care’ units.

SATAN SMILES when he sees our political leaders fomenting chaos and war instead of peace and understanding around the world.


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