Satan is the pimp from Hell. His stable of whores consists of a staggering array of those who betray God in order to line their pockets at the expense of the future of the human species.

Most people would classify Satan’s whores as real world pimps, prostitutes, drug addicts, convicts, gangsters and others of the baser elements of society.

While it is true that those traditionally held to be nefarious scoundrels do not exactly bring honor to God, they are the least destructive of Satan’s army of whores who work non-stop on behalf of that which makes Satan happy and God sad.

Just who are some of those whom we would least suspect as being among SATAN’S WHORES?

1. SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS that actually appear to hate children by forcing them to spend much of their lives in windowless warehouse-like schools. These abusive conditions contribute to hyperactivity, violence, mental disorders, drug abuse, and other negative conditions that represent a pernicious form of child abuse.

2. CAPTAINS OF INDUSTRY who push killer drugs on a gullible public. Anyone who promotes the consumption of tobacco products is a whore of Satan for they are actively contributing to the ultimate premature deaths of millions of innocent victims. Other captains of industry operating as Satan’s whores are the executives of companies that produce millions of tons of cancer causing chemicals, exploiters of precious fossil fuels, dam building water hustlers, clear-cutters and any other leader of an industry that is destroying God’s Creation or the lives of other humans for profit.

3. DEATH PENALTY AND SUPER-MAX INDUSTRY WORKERS are definitely in the employ of the forces of evil. Jesus is horrified by those who call themselves Christians who promote the killing of their fellow humans and those that deny others even basic human rights and dignity by placing them in modern gulags.

There are thousands of other ways that humans are whoring themselves out to Satan. Anyone that does not govern their life by The Golden Rule of The New Millennium is in danger of being classified as one of the growing army of SATAN’S WHORES.


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