We are drowning in a sea of debt. I’m not only referring to the standard concept of debt such as a home mortgage, credit card balances, or bank loans. The point I am really trying to make is that we have mortgaged the very future of Planet Eden in our lust for temporal material wealth, self-indulgence and waste.

The real value of a gallon of gasoline should be much greater than $100.00 because of the cost to the environment and Earth’s future, yet we cry out if the price approaches even $2.00. At $2.00 per gallon we are borrowing $98.00 from future generations who will be left with desolation, pollution, and depleted and abandoned oil wells and a debt which we will never repay.

The real value of an old-growth 12X12 timber should be much greater than $1,000,000 because it took 1,000 years to produce and it will be the year 3,000 before another old-growth timber of the same quality can be harvested. Compound the cost of the degraded soils, the degraded water quality, the extinction of fish and other wildlife, the flooding, and global warming which is a part of the destruction of the tree to obtain the timber and the cost to our future is astronomical. 

When we virtually throw away our fossil water as if it had no value, when we pollute our air and then have to pay for an epidemic of chronic asthma, when we create deserts where once orchids bloomed, we are stealing from our children and our children’s children who will ultimately drown in a sea of debt which our waste, greed, and stupidity will have saddled them with.


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