We live in a SICK SOCIETY. We tell the world that the American Way of Life is superior to any other way of life yet our culture and society display before the world’s poor, a pervasive moral and ethical sickness that is both hypocritical and self-destructive.

In order to better understand how much of the rest of the world views us, pretend that you are an anthropologist from another world looking down at us. Following are a few of the symptoms of our SICK SOCIETY that you would see.

1. DRUG ADDICTION: You would see Congress voting to spend tax dollars to subsidize the tobacco industry. Then you would see the billion dollar tobacco companies promote tobacco addiction. Next you would see millions of Americans hooked on the killer drug nicotine. Later you would witness mass human misery and suffering from people in the last throws of death from tobacco induced lung cancer and other diseases. Then you would watch as millions of dollars were spent in a losing battle against lung cancer. Your last view would be of the graveside services for some of the politicians who voted to subsidize the tobacco industry.

2. CHILDREN: You would see a society that claims to love children and promote their welfare above all else. Then you would watch as thousands of children are being sexually and psychologically abused by their elders. You would see millions of children locked away from the natural world in warehouses called ‘schools’. You would then watch these children suffer terrible diseases and develop personality disorders from being denied access to natural light and fresh air. Later you would watch as the sick children were medicated and turned into junior junkies to control their attention deficits and hyperactivity. You would take note of the tens of thousands of children that are berated by their parents while playing sports, the millions of children left at home alone to fend for themselves, the millions of sickly obese children stuffed with nothing but junk food and the hundreds of thousands of children who have been locked up in jails, prisons, and reform schools for behaving no differently than the drug and alcohol addicted adults who locked them up.

3. ANIMAL WELFARE: You would see hundreds of millions of dollars spent on pet food, pet grooming, wildlife programs on television, animal shelters, slick environmental publications, and zoos with ‘natural’ habitats. Then you would see millions of chickens, pigs, and cows abused and tortured to make junk food to sicken our children and pet food for the few animals in our SICK SOCIETY that are coddled and treated better than our children. You would witness the horrors of rodeos, circuses, roadside zoos, and enslaved whales and porpoises. You would see bulldozers destroying the homes of millions of animals that would be forced into starvation or death as road-kill on our highways. You would watch as hundreds of thousands of baby chicks and rabbits died at the hands of their captors during Easter.

The above represent just the tip of the iceberg of the hypocrisy that America represents to much of the rest of the world. In the minds of the huddled and suffering masses of the Third World our SICK SOCIETY represents, land mines blowing off the legs of children, bombs being dropped on peasant’s mud huts, millions of acres of rainforests destroyed by American owned timber companies, denial of family planning information, and exploitation of both their people and their resources so that Americans can waste precious fossil fuels and other resources in order to drive bigger and more inefficient vehicles.

Wake up America, before it is too late!!! Our worship of money, power, waste, and cancerous growth is destroying both our credibility as a caring and generous people but is leading us down the pathway to destruction as a great nation.

This patriotic message is brought to you by George H. Russell

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