"Of course, my precious one, you know that you may tell me anything--I will always be here for you. Don't ever keep anything inside where it can grow and fester--I am a pretty wise old buzzard; and, although I don't pretend to know the answer to every problem I can usually help make things better." said the old man.

"Grandpaw, I already feel better just being here with you. I feel so special and loved, but at school I feel like nobody likes me. The white kids don't include me in their games during recess because they say I am black, and the black kids keep to themselves because they say I am not black. Sometimes the meanest kids call me names that I don't want to repeat because they are so cruel." explained the young girl.

Caroline paused for a moment to collect her thoughts while her grandfather wrapped his arms even more lovingly around her. After a moment she continued, "I didn't choose who my parents would be or the color of their skin. I was just born the way I am, and there is nothing I can do about it."

She paused again; her little brow was furrowed, then she spoke, "Sometimes in my dreams, I am a little white girl and all of the other white children run up to me and ask me to play with them. Other times I dream that I am a little black girl, and all of the other black children want to make friends with me. When I wake up and see that I am just me, I want to run and run and run until I find a place with children who are like me and who would want me to be their friend. Other times I wish I had never been born. When I feel really lonely I wish I could die."

Then Caroline lay her head against her grandfather's chest and closed her eyes. The only sound was the creaking of the old rocking chair, the same one her great-grandmother had rocked her grandfather in when he was a child.

After a few moments Caroline's body relaxed, and her grandfather could tell that she had fallen into a deep sleep. He rose from the chair with Caroline in his arms and carried her to the big green leather couch in the family room. He lay her gently down on the soft cushions, covered her with her favorite blanket, kissed her cheek, and stared lovingly at the most beautiful little girl in the whole world.

Caroline's mother could have been a movie star. She had gorgeous blond hair and the bluest eyes and fairest skin imaginable. Her father was a handsome man who had been born on a Caribbean island. Wherever they went they attracted attention, not only because of the stark contrast between them, but also because they made such a beautiful couple.

Caroline had been blessed with inheriting a combination of features that made her absolutely gorgeous: celestial eyes, silky auburn hair with just the right curl, perfectly bright white teeth, and the most beautiful natural tan in the world.

Her grandfather could not imagine anyone being mean to such a precious child; but, he knew that from the beginning of time people had been cruel to one another; and, for that reason, he had vowed to devote must of his life to bringing peace to the world. He established www.goldenruleministries.org in order to attempt to educate people worldwide of the importance of being kind to others. Obviously Caroline's classmates had not received the message.