Tower of Silence

The Universal Ethician Church in association with the Parsi (Zoroastrian) Community is in the process of planning for the construction of a TOWER OF SILENCE on the shores of Lake Livingston in E. Texas.

The Ethician Church has long supported the sacred custom of "Sky Burial" in which the dead are consumed by Vultures and other birds of prey.
The practice is totally sanitary and prevents the spread of disease.

The only problem at this point is the possibility that because pharmacutical companies are producing more and more biochemical concoctions, man-made toxins in human bodies might harm the Vultures as has occurred in the Indian sub-continent.

Before the Vultures that inhabit The Holy Trinity Wilderness Cathedral are allowed to consume the dead, toxicology studies will be performed to determine which humans will be safe to consume.

Those human remains that carry toxins that may harm the Vultures will be offered ecologically friendly "Green Burial" in The Ethician Family Cemetery.

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