LET’S TALK TRASH. Let’s talk about the mountains of trash lining our highways, the millions of tons of recyclables that are buried in landfills each year, and the stupid and senseless waste involved in turning AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL into AMERICA THE TRASHED.

In order to keep America beautiful and in order to help stop the fall of America into the trash heap of history, the politicians who have whored themselves out to the purveyors of trash must heed the words that Jesus spoke unto the whores of His day and “go and sin no more”. 

If the politicians then allow truth, representation of their constituents, ethics and patriotism to become a stronger force in their lives than their lust for the money of big business, then the following will happen:

1. Our highways will no longer be littered with cans and bottles because many people will take them back to the store for a deposit refund and the containers that are discarded by the rich and foolish will immediately be picked up by people wishing to earn a little extra income.

2. Our forests will no longer be destroyed for the hundreds of millions of tons of forest products that are now buried in landfills will be recycled.

3. We will not be so reliant on foreign petroleum products nor will we even think about destroying our wildlife refuges in a mindless search for more oil to make into more plastic junk to bury in landfills.

The trashing of America must stop. We are squandering our future. We are squandering the resources of our great nation. We are blindly heading for the trash heap of history unless we repent and change our wasteful ways.

Whenever possible, TALK TRASH!!! LET’S TALK TRASH in our civic clubs. LET’S TALK TRASH in our schools. LET’S TALK TRASH with our political leaders. LET’S TALK TRASH to the captains of the trash producing industries.

If enough Americans start TALKING TRASH, the power brokers and decision makers will begin to listen and America can be saved from burial under the trash heap of history.

This patriotic message is brought to you by George H. Russell

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