There is something about human nature that perpetrates violence.

America has been blessed with a history almost devoid of violence perpetrated against innocent citizens despite the wholesale violence the American government and American controlled corporations have perpetrated against millions of innocent civilians across the globe.

The terrible act of revenge perpetrated against thousands of innocent Americans during the attack on The World Trade Towers, is an act of terrorism which those who have been victims of American violence justify as appropriate revenge.

Evil is evil in any form and violence toward any of God’s children, in any biological form is evil.

ETHICIANS denounce violence and revenge regardless of its source or origin. Some of the violence which America and Americans have been responsible for either directly or indirectly are as follows:

1. Millions of women, children, senior citizens and other innocents were victims of the Viet Nam War which was nothing more than ‘money making business’ for napalm makers, helicopter manufacturers, and body bag factories. How could anyone be surprised if the survivors harbored resentment.

2. Tens of thousands of Guatemalan peasants and Indians were murdered by American backed ‘Death Squads’ bent on acquiring their lands, minerals, and forests.

3. We have repeatedly armed and supported dictators, tyrants, robber corporations, and other entities which have been responsible for the deaths of additional millions of earth’s peoples as well as gene-o-cide on a horrific scale.

4. When the Nation of Israel was established in what had been the Nation of Palestine we failed to see to it that the displaced persons were treated with respect, compensated, and provided with new homes and quality lives. We will suffer the consequences for our inhumanity until we learn to treat all peoples equally and fairly.

Yes, violence begets violence and until we stop committing violent acts against God’s human children and against God’s Creation we are going to suffer from the violence of retaliation from the abused whether in the form of terrorism from humans or floods, hurricanes, desertification, and other forms of natural violence caused by our destruction of Creation.

Until our government and our corporations develop an ethic which respects all of God’s children and all Creation we will be faced with those who will retaliate against the violence which we have perpetrated against them.


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