“Why do WE OWE GOD?”, you might ask. “I never borrowed anything from God”, you might say. Well, be prepared to explain to God why you don’t feel like you owe Him anything.

Here are a few questions God might ask you, when and if you happen to arrive at the Pearly Gates:

“Who gave you life?”

“Who do you suppose provided you with the air that you breathed several times a minute throughout your life on Planet Eden?”

“Who provided the soil and water that grew your food?”

“Who looked after you when your did stupid self-destructive things to yourself and then begged me to help you out of your difficulty?”

“Who forgave your many, many sins?”

“Who gave you the brainpower to find work with which to provide for the children that I blessed you with?”

Does the above jog your brain? Have you ever stopped to thank God for all the many blessing He has bestowed upon you, including life itself?

Now are you going to tell me that you don’t understand why WE OWE GOD?

If you now admit that you really might owe God, are you not wondering how you might repay God?

Repayment is really quite easy. No, you can’t write a check, place it in an envelope, put a stamp on it and address it to “God” c/o “Accounts Receivable”, Heaven, The Universe.

That would be clever but I doubt if God would be terribly amused.

Instead, why not repay your debt to God by doing a few good deeds.

Following are just a few examples of ways to pay your debt to God:

1. Feed God’s birds in Winter.

2. Visit a senior citizen’s home and show a lonely person that you care about them.

3. Purchase as many acres of God’s Creation as possible and dedicate it as a Wilderness Cathedral.

4. Become a vegetarian or at least eat the flesh of God’s animal children only on rare occasions.

5. Walk to your destination whenever possible.

6. Contribute to the many Ethician charitable programs to help God protect and preserve Planet Eden.


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