And God created the heaven and the earth and all that lie therein. And the Earth was called Eden; a great wilderness filled with every living thing that God had wrought forth.

And God saw that His Creation was good and bountiful and would serve humankind forever and ever.

And it was the fruits of the wilderness of Eden that fed Adam and Eve and it was to the wilderness that Jesus went to pray, for the wilderness was the sacred work of God and His spirit resides therein.

It is with great sadness that God looks upon the earth that he created for all creatures great and small and sees His Creation torn asunder by the greed and selfishness of His human children. Even those who build temples in his honor destroy His Creation in so doing and He forgives those who know not what they do.

To honor and glorify God and prove our respect for His Creation, we must dedicate ourselves to protecting and preserving His great works by establishing WILDERNESS CATHEDRALS throughout the world.

God knew that humans need the peace and solitude provided by the beauty of His Creation; and that like living Arks, it is the wilderness that will hold the keys to the future of humankind.

Rather than purchasing beautiful examples of God's Creation and destroying His works to build parking lots and spiritless church buildings, we His people should purchase or donate natural areas to serve as Sacred Natural Sanctuaries to worship God in His house that He created.

The CHURCH OF THE CREATION has found such a place to establish God's first Wilderness Cathedral. It is located on the "Holy Trinity River" in East Texas and consists of over 2,200 acres of a beautiful remnant of EDEN. Eagles, pelicans, herons, ducks, warblers and over a hundred other species of God's beautiful birds reside therein. God's wildflowers bloom in Springtime, and His frogs sing a cheerful chorus to their Maker. Those of His animals which make this hallowed ground their home include deer, rabbits, squirrels, coyotes, raccoons, foxes, river otters, beavers and a myriad of other wonderful examples of God's handiwork both great and small.

Please help us save this land for God and his glory by sending whatever gift you are able. No gift is too small. God considered the widow's mite as great a gift as the gold and silver of the rich. We must raise just over two million dollars to pay off the remaining debt. God will bless you for caring enough to help protect and preserve a small part of His Creation.

Even if you cannot afford to give, you are invited to join our ministry and visit God's Wilderness Cathedral; for in entering its beauty and solitude you will feel the spirit of God.

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