Life After Death

Most use a hopeless hope
Different tools to convince others
And to help themselves cope
With knoweledge about life after death

Thinking about it brings the tears
But I know in my heart what will happen
Despite all of the fears
I can read between the lines

Therefore, I refuse to accept the lies

I have to accept what, even I despise
Because my heart can't and won't be decieved

What others fall into and believe
Has done nothing but cause evil
And yet they claim to feel relief?
The answer of pure blindness


Latosha Pence

Copyright 2008 LaTosha Pence
All Rights Reserved


This religion known as Christianity
I see as nothing more than pure vanity
My eyes sadden more and more as I see
More and more people decieved by what to be
How can't they see this for what it is?

And yet that is a part of my past
A part I hate and want to forever cast
Out of my life to never return
Because I see how many people
Suffer from this burn

People are ashamed to feel the way they feel
About there sexuality they think they must conceal
It is just human nature what is the big deal?
Yet all of these suicides are caused by feelings
Of unworthiness that they should have never had to feel

Latosha Pence

Copyright 2008 LaTosha Pence
All Rights Reserved


I somehow dig up my remains
Of what is left of me
After the transformation
I can barely see

Perplexed by the facts
I look down and I'm dead
Wondering how this happened
With so many things left unsaid

Even the citadel in my mind
Cannot revive me from this change
This level of feeling incomplete
My mind furiously trying to rearrange

Being eaten alive trying to sift
Until I discover this is all planned
My spirit undergoing transformation
Trying to be as gentle as it can

Latosha Pence

Copyright 2008 LaTosha Pence
All Rights Reserved

Embracing Creating

I mustered the courage to

Embrace the black butterflies

Swarming me haunting my dreams

My dank mind refusing to rise

Hearing the the stomp, seeing the forecast

All the signs speaking through

All that I saw, images flying fast

In my random imagery of all around

Seeing the enervate of my soul

Always asking the question

Of what could be wrong

Senses coming to depression

What it is I may never discover

My gallivant mind never staying

For too long in an unknown place

A ship always creating always sailing

Trying to use these to my advantage

Allowing myself to ameliorate

While my butterflies rest on bark

Until I feel it's time to create

Latosha Pence

Copyright 2008 LaTosha Pence
All Rights Reserved