It is almost too late to hope for a better world and thus a better future for the generations to come. We have defiled God's Creation to the extent that our polar icecaps are melting, endangering our low-lying coastal cities. Our protective ozone layer is being depleted, causing rates of skin cancer as never before. Our forests are being clear-cut, causing landslides, flooding, global warming, and mass extinctions of God's animals and plants. Our Earth is being sucked dry of all the oils and gasses which could have supplied Earth's inhabitants with fuel for thousands of years instead of just a century or two.

Greed, and war, and strife, and starvation, and torture, are affecting more people than ever in the history of the world. Nearly 1,000,000,000 (one billion) of the Earth's human inhabitants are suffering from hunger and malnutrition, caused by rampant overpopulation and the accompanying pillaging of the very ecosystems necessary for long-term survival.

Unless all of God's children of all faiths unite and work hand in hand to create a better world from the chaos that confronts us, we are doomed to live out impoverished lives on a dying planet.


1. God never intended for the human species to overpopulate Planet Eden. When He gave the directive to be fruitful and multiply, it was to build a loving and peaceful population of earth stewards-not a teeming, unsustainable mass of violent, starving, warring humanity. FAMILY PLANNING worldwide must become the number one priority.

2. God never intended for the human species to consume the world's resources in the space of only a few generations thus leaving billions of people to fight for survival on a dying planet. RESOURCE CONSERVATION worldwide must begin immediately.

3. God never intended for His great forests to be clear-cut, chopped, burned, shredded and pillaged, for they were designed by God to be the lungs of Planet Eden as well as a storehouse of biodiversity to meet the needs of all generations. FOREST PRESERVATION must begin immediately. Clear-cutting is a crime against humanity and a crime against God. Not even one acre of Earth's remaining natural forests should ever be destroyed.

4. God never intended for His pure waters to be wasted, polluted, or abused in any way. WATER CONSERVATION around the world must start now. No more of God's rivers and streams should be dammed; no more fossil aquifers should be depleted for other than use as drinking water. No more sewage or industrial wastes should ever again pollute God's oceans, rivers, streams, bays, estuaries, or lakes.

5. God never intended for the myriad species of animals and plants in his great works of Creation to be destroyed due to extirpation of their habitat. Extinction is nearly always caused by human greed and senseless exploitation. SPECIES DIVERSITY PRESERVATION must be as God commanded Noah; each according to its kind to live as God intended in the natural habitats and ecosystems of Planet Eden.

6. God never intended for people to worship the money and the pursuit of money above all spiritual values, including the worship of God. FISCAL CONSERVATISM and GENEROSITY must overcome greed and avarice. The accumulation of money at the expense of the future of the Earth and its inhabitants is consummate evil and must be challenged.

7. God never intended for people to have to suffer in unnatural conditions which breed mental health problems, disease, and even violence. LET THE LIGHT SHINE IN on every man, woman, and child. God created us as children of the Garden of Eden, with access to natural light, blue skies, the moon and stars and all the beauties and wonders of Creation. No child must ever again be abused by being forced to spend their days in windowless classrooms. No prisoner must ever again be placed in a cell without access to natural light. No worker should ever be forced to work in a factory without windows or skylights. Many of the world's problems stem from removing people from their God-given natural environment.

8. God never intended for people to hate, lie, cheat, steal, rape, pillage, mame, torture, or live without love. LOVE and COMPASSION are perhaps the greatest gifts of all-for those who love God will naturally spread joy, and love, and compassion around the world and infect the hardened hearts of the cruel, the greedy, and violent children of God.

9. God never intended for people to live without beauty. Planet Eden was created by God as the most beautiful work of art in the entire Universe. When we see a beautiful smile, a fluffy cloud, a bright colored bird, a field of wildflowers, a cascading waterfall or a majestic mountain clothed in towering trees we feel at peace with ourselves, with others, and with God. ART and AESTHETICS must take a place of great priority in the planning of our schools, homes, factories, places of worship and town and cityscapes. When we are confronted with the ugliness of urban blight, trash-strewn streets, clear-cut forests, pollution belching factories and scarred and concrete covered earth, we become tense, alienated, depressed, and even violent toward one another.

10. God never intended for people to live in either scholastic or ethical ignorance. EDUCATION based upon science as well as moral and spiritual values are the keys to creating a better world for present and future generations of God's children.

11. God never intended for people to quibble, argue, fight, and even wage war in the name of religion. There is but one God who loves one and all regardless of their spiritual backgrounds. The God of Abraham is also the God of Jesus as well as the God of Mohammed and Buddha, and Krishna. ECUMENICAL COOPERATION is critical to creating a better world. Only if people of all races, cultures, and spiritual backgrounds learn to work together for the common good of all peoples and all of our planet's life forms, can we ever hope to stop the downward spiral toward a burned out world of misery, starvation, war, death, and ultimately extinction of the human species.

12. The ultimate key to a better world lies in THE GOLDEN RULE OF THE NEW MILLENIUM. If all peoples of all faiths use this simple rule of living then we will all rejoice in achieving A BETTER WORLD.

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