It is difficult to believe that God, who is all love and kindness and compassion, would grow so angry that He would allow any of His children to enter the kingdom of hell. Tragically, however, from time immemorial people have defied God's commandments and have themselves chosen to achieve their everlasting condemnation in the eternal fires of Satan.

Why? The answer is nearly always that they have turned away from spirituality and the blessings of God and have turned to the worship of money, which leads to consummate greed. Greed is the great destroyer.

Greed is destroying God's Creation, which we have been commanded through our ancestor Noah, to preserve and protect. Greed is plundering the earth and its inhabitants. Greed is polluting God's air and water, plundering God's giant redwoods, great whales, beautiful songbirds, fecund rainforests, rich top soils and all of that which was provided for us, and all generations, for all time.

It is not too late: REPENT NOW for God promised that He "would destroy them which destroy the earth." (Revelation 11:18)

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