Church Times for 2007

Services are held one hour before sunset each Sabbath (Saturday) evening.


Sunset Services of the Universal Ethician Church, heretofore conducted at The Holy Trinity Wilderness Cathedral each Sunday evening, 30 minutes before sunset have been moved to 1 hour before sunset each Sabbath (Saturday) evening.

This change in schedule was made due to popular demand and for safety:

1. Many Waterwood visitors are weekenders and thus return home on Sunday afternoons before our services begin and thus cannot attend.
2. Those members who suffer from night blindness prefer to drive home while there is still a little daylight.
3. The evening sky is often at its most beautiful between 1 hour before sunset and 30 minutes before sunset when our services will end. Of course those who wish to remain to enjoy the afterglow are encouraged to do so.

A map showing how to get to the Cathedral may be found at

The Chapel of the Nativity at the intersection of Waterwood Parkway and FM 980 remains open 24 hours a day for prayer and meditation.

The Universal Ethician Church meets each Saturday evening one hour before sunset until sunset at Inspiration Point in THE HOLY TRINITY WILDERNESS CATHEDRAL. Our services are family oriented and children of all ages are welcome and encouraged to come. They will love the beauty of Creation and the informality which we hope will bring them closer to God.

Click here to see an example of our standard liturgy.

Click here to read a letter from our friend Regan

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